Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Overwhelmed with life

I've been a busy guy lately.

It's hard to go to school, work, play poker, and find time to blog about poker. One of them fell behind. It's not hard to see which is which from the timing of my posts.

The other thing that falls behind is my poker playing itself. I'm not even sure if I'm going to make goldstar this month on pokerstars, something that I've had since either October or November. So again that explains a lot with how often I've been posting here.

I'm not trying to make any excuses but I feel my 3 faithful readers deserved some little bit of explanation for my absence.

I've done very well this month even without being able to have much playing time. Playing mostly $13 6-man SNGs on stars along with some multi-table SNGs and limit hold 'em mixed in from time to time. I'm up a little over $1k I believe but I'm not entirely sure, I'll get some proper accounting done at the end of the month when I review my numbers.

I do feel that I'm playing very well and am getting into a very nice groove with my playing. So I expect a lot of success to continue over the coming weeks. Hopefully resulting with a brag post from me hitting sharkscope's leaderboards. I was close for a while but a minor downswing got in the way. I'll be up there next month definitely...it's just about getting the volume in for me at this point.

I plan to get back onto posting about once a week like I was good about doing before over the next bit of time. I don't really have much else to say. For now I'm playing in the 'skill series' with my limited funds on full tilt...so if you see Big_Bobo playing say hello =)


Aaron said...

Hopefully the stack I bluffed off to you last night made you feel a bit better.

Ryan said...

yeah it was nice =)

good little boost to my results at the end of the month.

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