Saturday, February 2, 2008

Still around...

I post in this more when I play poker.

So since I haven't been playing any poker at all over the last week the obvious side effect is that I don't post in my blog.

Starting tonight I make a run at my goals in February. My only real goal is to play 1k SNGs. That's it. There is no monetary goal at this point. My goal is to be able to put in that amount of volume. I will be playing at the $13 6-max level as well as the $16 9-man levels on pokerstars.

If the stars align I'll be back up to higher stakes soon, but we'll see about that. Right now I just want to get myself back on track and nothing but being disciplined about playing matters to me right now. I will play long committed sessions at least 3 times a week so this should be something I can accomplish.

I hope to update this again next week and tell you all how well I'm doing.

Good luck at the tables this month.

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