Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SNGs might be the death of me

I think I'm finally realizing what smokkee used to talk about when he said that SNGs were just stealing his soul and that he didn't want to play them anymore. I haven't been able to get myself to grind SNGs in the last couple of days. I've only done about 180 total single-table SNGs since my last entry.

The weirdest thing is that I did pretty well. I averaged over a 10% ROI during that time and I still can't make myself play them. I think I'm going to move back to grinding cash games like I used to. Just playing 9-12 tables of full ring, the decisions were just much more interesting and I didn't have to deal with the runs (both up and down) that I hit playing SNGs.

The swings are just sick, something cashing in 2 of 12 and sometimes cashing in 8 of 12. It's something that drives me nuts as someone that only plays pretty short sessions.

So I'm going back to cash, I destroyed the 25NL level when that was what I was exclusively playing. I beat it for something like 21BB/100 over 15k+ hands. Then I moved up to 50NL and tweaked my game when I didn't need to and that destroyed my results and made me give up cash for a while.

So my goal is to play 20k hands by the end of the month because that should give me a good sample size to see how I'm doing and it should just get me over the mark to hit platinum star for the month, which would keep me on pace to hit supernova at some point this year.

So basically about 1.5-2 hours of play per day average for the rest of the month. That shouldn't be too hard, hopefully I actually end up making money by the end.


Anonymous said...


I saw your post on another blog and figured I'd give you a headsup about a WPT giveaway I'm running this year.

You can win a weeklong vacation in the Bahamas, training from the pro's and a shot at 10 WPT buyins plus $10,000 in cash!

The first satellite is held on Full Tilt Poker (a freeroll) February 10th.

Right now there's only 34 players signed up, the top 4 advance to a single-table semi-final in February. The fields aren't going to get any smaller as word of this promotion spreads. So if you want in, you'll want to play some of the earlier events to have less competition.

Hope the tables & life are treating you well, and I look forward to you playing in our WPT satellite for free!


Aaron said...

Nothing like SPAM on your blog, huh?

As a fellow grinder, I'm rather familiar with the feelings of fatigue and burnout associated with SNGs - Especially when I'm running bad.

I've always found that taking time away from them helps me re-dedicate myself, and I always feel a whole hell of a lot better. Good luck.

$mokkee said...

i really despise sng's now. i really only play them on Full Tilt for tier tokens and after a few losses i hang it up. i seem to play smarter and more focused in ring games and higher buy-in tournaments. hope all is well.