Monday, December 31, 2007

Goals reached and the new year

I hope everyone had a nice time over the holidays and that everyone is safe tonight. I myself pulled the short straw tonight so I'm the one who has to drive on "amateur night," but it's probably good anyway. At least tomorrow I won't be piecing together my night during the bowl games.

This year I didn't get into a college bowl game pool, that sucks. Thank god it's almost time for March Madness, but I am dreading the 2 worst months in sports which are approaching ever so quickly. I'll just have to learn to avoid ESPN again. :sigh: I guess it won't be that bad.

On the poker front I had a great December making almost $1200 if I recall correctly. I'll probably get some more exact numbers up once I'm able to review my records, but that's pretty accurate. I was also able to acheive my goal of getting my bankroll up to $3k by the end of the month. I rewarded myself for that with a small cashout that will hopefully be the first of many throughout the new year.

My game really took off this year compared to the last few years that I've been playing. I've made more money and taken more positive steps than ever before. The idea of having a constant supplemental income from poker has now become a possibility that I hope to make a reality throughout 2008. So with that in mind here are my goals for 2008:

- Getting a minimum of $500 into my bank account every month
- Becoming a consistent winner at the $60 SNGs on Stars
- Playing and beating $5/10 Limit Hold 'Em for over 1BB/100 hands
- Reaching 'Supernova' status on Poker Stars

Those are in order of importance to me over the year. I will need to work up to many of these and I will be making more short term goals from month to month to help me attain these. I believe that all of them can be done as long as I continue to learn and focus on the game. I have never been more focused than I am now with regard to becoming a better player and I don't plan to stop anytime soon.

2008 is going to be my best year playing poker ever.


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smokkee said...

happy ny ryan! GL in '08.